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Therapy Options

******Online sessions only****** 
All session are Online/Zoom Sessions with use of confidential code access 
Get support right from your own home! All sessions are 50 minutes. Prepayment is required and all paperwork must be filled out and sent in before session begins. Scheduling is easy with the online scheduler. 
Possible Self Counseling offers Individual Counseling, Transgender HRT/GAS Support, Couples Counseling, and Family Counseling. 
Individual Counseling Session - Designed for individual clients who are looking to make a change, would like someone to talk to, or want to learn coping skills on the way to their best possible self. Specialties include trauma and grief, heterosexual and LGBTQ+ couples, transgender support, self empowerment and esteem, anxiety and depression, and anger management. All lifestyles welcome. 
Individual and Family Counseling for Hormone Replacement Therapy/GenderAffirming Surgery (GAS) - Designed for individuals exploring and/or seeking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or Gender Affirming/Confirmation Surgery (GAS). Physicians tend to require evaluations and/or a letter of recommendation by mental health providers for HRT and/or GAS. Sessions help prepare you and any of your friends and loved ones that you would like to be involved for what lies ahead and to ensure that you are confident in your decisions. The amounts of sessions vary and depend largely on a client’s level of commitment to the process. Letters written in support of HRT or GAS are included in the cost of the sessions. All lifestyles welcome. 


Relationship Session - Designed for those who desire to work on communication skills and other issues associated with a relationship. The relationship may be romantic, family, or even a work relationship. All lifestyles welcome. 


Family Session - Designed to work on family dynamics. Often, it is helpful to bring in people who are close to you to work on problems together, which may include both adults and children. Such therapy principles can also be used for coworkers in a group or work setting. All lifestyles welcome. 


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