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My Philosophy

My belief is that all of us, no matter our walk of life, have a unique and powerful story. Within that story is the person that we are, along with all of our possible selves. Life can come at us from all directions. When we have the tools and the understanding to work with that life in combination with our story, we can reach our greatest self.  


I am passionate about supporting people in finding their best self and believe that the relationship between client and counselor can be a therapeutic tool to reach such a goal. Counseling can benefit one's life by helping to lessen anxiety, boost self confidence, relieve stress, and find emotional balance. 


I am dedicated to helping you find the BEST POSSIBLE SELF you can be. The premise of possible selves came from Marcus and Nurius in 1986 - your possible selves are all those representations of you from the past, present, and  future. Based on your story and all your experiences combined, along with who you strive to be, you can become your BEST POSSIBLE SELF. 




About Me

I am a wife, mother, doctor, counselor, and college professor. I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida for the past 24 years, originally hailing from Denver, Colorado. I have a Ph.D. in Humans Services, a M.S. in Psychology, and a M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. I am a certified rape crisis hotline counselor, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional, and have worked in both private practice settings and residential treatment centers. I am also certified in mindfulness practice therapy and love to teach my clients ways to tap into their own inner peace. I have been in the counseling field for over 25 years. I am a licensed mental health counselor and specialize in LGBTQ+ and heterosexual couples, transgender support, grief and trauma, self-empowerment and esteem. I also work with those who suffer from anger, anxiety, and depression and want to find relief. I use an eclectic approach focusing on a biopsychosocial perspective that includes existentialism, humanistic, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness therapies. I have taught a variety of psychology, counseling, and philosophy classes at the undergraduate and graduate level for the past 15 years in both brick and mortar and online universities. Some of the classes I have taught include General Psychology, Lifespan Development, Counseling Techniques, Addictions, Theories of Personality, Couples and Families Counseling, and Abnormal Psychology. I am a member and contributing writer for American Counseling Association and as a marriage expert. I am also a member of Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling, Citizen Therapists and Equality Florida. 

My research includes dissociative identity disorder treatment, men with anger, test anxiety in college students, and the educational needs of counseling interns in regards to counseling LGB couples. In my latest work, I studied academic learning and the needs associated with counseling interns working with LGB couples to ensure that both clients and therapists get the support they need for the optimal therapeutic relationship.



  • LGBTQ+ couples and Heterosexual Couples 

  • Transgender Support with needed letters of recommendation

  • Self Esteem and Empowerment

  • Trauma/Loss/Grief/PTSD

  • Anxiety


Other Focuses Include: 

  • Academic/Gifted Teens

  • Anger Management

  • Coping Skills

  • Depression

  • Relationship/Divorce/Separation

  • Gender Dysphoria / Identity Issues

  • LGBTQ+ Advocacy

  • Parenting



  • Specialize in advocating for those who identify as LGBTQ+

  • Adult, 'Tweens and Teens 


Theoretical Orientation:

  • An eclectic mix of Psychoanalytical, Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Existential

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