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                                        Zoom Sessions Available


Remote sessions are conducted by video through Zoom and and session prices are provided upon request. Each session is 50 minutes long. An online agreement must be filled out and on file before a remote session can be made.


Please contact Dr Melissa at to get started. The office will send you a remote session agreement. Once received, please print the document, fill it out with an official signature, then send in your completed agreement. This will set your sessions in motion with a confidential password and code to meet with Dr Melissa online on your appointment time.  


Credit cards are the acceptable payment and are made upon scheduling your appointment. If an account is unpaid, further appointments cannot be made and legal means may be employed to obtain payment. 

Does the Office Accept Insurance?


No. The office does not take insurance and and works with self pay. Upon request, a receipt of payment, invoice, or superbill can be provided. Please check with your insurance company to see if these are accepted. The office does not work with insurance for a few reasons. In order to bill an insurance company, clients must be assigned a mental diagnosis. Sometimes, these are warranted and welcomed and, sometimes, they are not. This diagnosis - this label - stays with a client indefinitely. We all have times in our lives in which we just want to work with someone to sort some things out - it is not necessarily a cause for a label or mental disorder diagnosis. However, sometimes they are helpful to gain services, so a label can be given if it is warranted. Overall, the office chooses to keep clients' confidentiality and not attach a label for purposes of payment. 

Why Does the Office Charge No Show Fees?


No shows are appointments in which a client does not arrive at all, appointments in which a client is 20 minutes late, thus the appointment will automatically be cancelled, or appointments in which a client has not cancelled by phone or email 24 hours or more before the appointment time. A charge of $150 will be applied if a client is a “no show” and will be taken from the information on file. No show fees are accrued as it is incredibly difficult with short notice or no notice to fill an appointment time, thus a space otherwise filled and accounted for is now empty. No show fees are easy to avoid - a quick call or voice mail to the office, or a text or email 24 hours or more before a client's appointment can inform the office of an absence and help to ensure that an appointment can be rescheduled to keep your treatment on track. All clients have the option to cancel and reschedule on their own, any time of day or night, through the online scheduling service. 



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